Segways away

In response to recent complaints and/or lawsuits regarding the use of Segway personal transport devices on Disney property, Disney has begun an investigatory prototype program through which disabled individuals can use Segways on property while impact on guests is measured.

Our Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent followed a subject during one such test. She noticed that, using the self-balancing device, the Segway-assisted guest had no trouble getting around on even difficult terrain, such as that found on Pirate’s Lair on the Island Formerly Known as Tom Sawyer Island.

Segway on Tom Sawyer Island

The Segway was also able to avoid crowded conditions in Tomorrowland by using the special Segway-enabled “sky ramp” overpass system.

Segway in Tomorrowland

There were several places where the Segway was less of a success, however. For example, it had trouble remaining upright on Splash Mountain and kept the rider’s score pitifully close to zero on the Starcade’s Dance Dance Revolution game.

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