Twilight Zone Details

It’s commonly held that the original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (currently at Disney Hollywood Studios after being moved, at great expense, from its home at Disney/MGM Studios) is the finest incarnation of the attraction. But on a recent trip to Disney’s California Adventure, our Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent discovered a little something unique to DCA’s tower — the anti-gravity spot!

This spot — a tribute to the original Twilight Zone episode “Little Girl Filled with Helium and Lost” — is in one corner of the hotel’s main lobby. Everything above the spot instantly rises to the ceiling, as the antique jar and pair of glasses in this photo have done.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror antigravity

Unfortunately, the antigravity spot is far removed from the attraction queue and surrounded by a steel-mesh grating so there’s no opportunity to stand in it and see what happens. Oh well!

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