Hidden Mickeys!

Disney fans love searching the parks for hidden Mickeys (HMs). Our Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent is no different, and she sent us photos of a number of HMs from a recent visit to Disneyland Resort.

New Orleans Square hidden Mickey

This HM, found in New Orleans Square, has unusually small ears. We assume it is supposed to represent a young Mickey Mouse.

Disney’s California Adventure hidden Mickey

This HM, from Disney’s California Adventure, is of the “exploded Mickey” type. Exploded Mickeys can be found in a number of DCA locations, and Disneymaniacs are hopeful that, during the extensive demolition that will preceed upcoming DCA improvements, they will get to see an exploded Mickey actually explode!

Indiana Jones hidden Mickey?

Do you see the HM in this photo from the Indiana Jones attraction? No? Here, we’ll crop, rotate, stretch, and enhance the photo. See it now?

Indiana Jones hidden Minnie detail

If you answered yes, then you’re wrong! That’s not a hidden Mickey, but a hidden Minnie, and they don’t count. Heck, it doesn’t even look that much like Minnie (it’s all blurry, distorted, and full of compression noise). While we’re at it, the hidden Eyeore in this attraction doesn’t count either, so stop sending us photos.

That’s it for this time. Thanks, Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent!

2 Responses to “Hidden Mickeys!”

  1. Mari says:

    There is a hidden mickey website already, it is from the guy who wrote the books. You can submit your mickeys there. BTW, hidden mickeys are not just mickeys. They can be other characters too. The haunted mansion chair is donald duck. the top of it is the hat. (he’s looking straight at u) the swirls are his eyes and the weird thing below is his bill. I also have a forum on micechat.com search Hidden Mickeys! and u will see a lot. Splash mountain is not just in line, mostly all of those characters were from America Sings! which is now innoventions. Go to:


  2. Bones says:

    Just an FYI the both of the hidden Eyeors in the Indianna Jones Queue are making reference to the Eyeor section of the parking lot that the ride was built on.

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