While looking for interesting things to photograph, our Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent spotted an out-of-the-way staircase on Pirates of the Caribbean and — risking life, limb, intervention by Disney security, and the ire of fellow guests — took a picture of it. But when she looked at the photo on her computer later that night, she made an amazing discovery…

Ghost in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean

What is the billowing figure on the staircase? What could it possibly be?

We contacted Wendy the Disney Psychic and asked her to analyze the vibrations of the individual pixels in this digital image. According to Wendy, the figure is the animatronic spirit of the previous bridal inhabitant of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Some months ago, this pour soul was displaced from the attic by a “new and improved” bride, and because it was unable to pass into the next world (there are no automatons in Heaven) or follow its animatronic body into Imagineering storage (for union reasons), it has become trapped in the mortal plane of existence!

Why, you ask, would a spirit from the Haunted Mansion be found in Pirates? “Pirates is a great attraction,” says Wendy the Disney Psychic. “Even the undead love it.”

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  1. cc says:

    that is so a ghost i dont care wat that lady says its so a ghost