Statue of Young Walt

I recently was told by guest relations at Disney’s California Adventure Park that they will be soon creating another statue of Walt Disney just like the one in Disneyland but instead of an old Walt Disney a young one! This will be just one of the new additions made to California Adventure park.

This is absolutely true! In keeping with the new theme that is being imposed upon Disney’s California Adventure, a new statue is being created depicting the young Walt Disney visiting California for the first time. Because Walt first visited the Golden State on a family trip when he was five, the statue will depict five-year-old Walt in knickers, a long-sleeved shirt, and cap holding a lollypop that’s as big as his head.

In this fanciful depiction, Walt is meeting an equally young Mickey Mouse for the first time. The statue of young Mickey will be posed with pen in hand as he signs Walt’s autograph book.

Our mole in the Disney Placemaking department ensures us that great pains are being taken to make sure that the statue is historically accurate in every detail. Young Walt will have a slight bruise on one elbow, showing where he hurt his arm in a minor velocipede accident. Young Mickey will look less like the mouse of today, and more like a costume hastily borrowed from a low-budged Ice Capades production.

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  1. Robin says:

    I was also told by guest relations that Disney imagineers will be making a statue of young walt with a young mickey just like the one at Disneyland at California Adventure!!!! I think California Adventure needs to have more of these kinds of improvements if they want to be as sucessful as *!*Disneyland*!*

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