A taste of Disney

Any real Disney fan knows that there’s quite a bit of work that goes into creating magic, and much of that work goes on behind the scenes. Not too long ago, our Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent happened across one of those behind-the-scenes workers on the job at Disney’s California Adventure and asked what it was like creating Disney magic.

Disneyland Resort Food Rollout Quality Assurance Specialist Naomi de Plume

“Well, I’m an official Disneyland Resort Food Rollout Quality Assurance Specialist, which means that it’s my job to move through the parks incognito and sample any newly introduced food items to make sure that they meet pre-determined standards,” says Naomi de Plume, pictured here in one of her many disturbingly effective disguises.

“Today I’m trying a selection of special California-themed sweets that we’ve introduced into Disney’s California Adventure. I’m almost done with this Venice Beach Cruller, and although I admit it really does remind me of Venice, I don’t know that that’s a good thing. I think I’m going to recommend they do away with it. The La Brea Tar Pits Fudge, too. I like the Knotts Berry Farm Suckers, but I hear that there’s some problem in Legal, so they might not make it. That leaves the California Pine Scented Churros — kind of an acquired taste — and the Alcatraz “The Rock” Rock Candy, which is pretty standard.

“I wish they hadn’t had to abandon the idea for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Waffles of Fame, but it just took too long to make each guest a customized waffle with their name on it.”

We asked Naomi what she really looked like. “Don’t you wish you knew! Seriously, though, I can’t let cast members see me out of disguise or they might try to make sure I get something better than what guests are getting. Everyone wants to fool the quality-control woman. So sometimes I’m a tall black man, sometimes I’m a short Latina woman, sometimes I’m a nondescript Asian-American grade-school student, sometimes I’m a talking trash can, and sometimes I’m the rugged man of distinction you see before you now. You never know — and neither does anyone else!”

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