Danger! Danger! Danger!

A DisneyLies.com blog reader sent in the below photograph of Disneyland’s entrance, noting the strange glowing spots coming from the Mickey floral display.

Radioactive Mickey floral display at Disneyland

What could the glow be? Certainly, standard floral display plants do not emit this much radiation. With a little research, our reader discovered that on the morning she took the photos Disney had been testing a new Disneyland Railroad engine. This engine, designed to reduce carbon emissions, generated steam using not coal but rather enriched uranium. Apparently, the engine’s nuclear power plant was not well sealed, and as it idled at the Main Street station, it spewed quite a bit of radioactive material from its smokestack. This material settled all around the station, irradiating guests and, even worse from a show perspective, defacing the Mickey floral display.

We will return to this story in coming months to see whether or not Disney has cleaned up their mess!

We were very pleased with our reader for sending us this ground-breaking photo and have asked her to become the Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent. Watch for more photos from her in coming weeks!

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