Airplane Attraction Test Fails

At Disney Imagineering Testing Center in Burbank, California, a test of the proposed Goofy’s Airport attraction ended prematurely. The attraction was built around real, small-scale airplanes that young visitors would be able to “pilot” themselves, much in the way they drive cars in the Autopia. To prevent the aircraft from taking to the air, they would be run not on solid ground, but on a moving conveyor belt that would move backward to precisely counter the aircraft’s forward motion.

Unfortunately, during the first test of the new system, the aircraft took off at full speed and flew directly into the side of the testing building, destroying the airplane and its robot pilot and starting a small fire.

“It makes no sense — the plane just shouldn’t have taken off,” said nearly unemployed Imagineer Dusty Physics. “When we tried it with an Autopia car it worked fine. The car just stayed in place no matter how fast we ran the engine. Maybe we need to increase the speed of the conveyor when using an airplane. I just don’t know. It’s supernatural or something.”

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