Revised Hall of Presidents

According to an article on the Mike Molehill Web site, WDW’s Hall of Presidents is in for a few changes. First, the animatronic figure of the current President will no longer speak. Apparently, management is afraid that Hillary Clinton might win the Presidency, and they are afraid that a robotic Clinton might be too much for younger visitors to take.

More importantly, the show is going to be shortened and updated to make it more “hip” while retaining its educational nature. The Hall of Presidents: Under New Government will show what happens when Presidents of America’s past are confronted by Disney cartoon royalty such as King Louie and Prince John. It’ll be a singing, dancing, comparison of monarchy and democracy! (And be sure to stay until the crowd leaves so you can hear Zachary Taylor, just as the curtain closes, complain that the Tiki Room is “for the birds”!)

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