“it’s a small disaster”

A recent post at the Fanatical Imagineering Blog discusses secret insider details of the current “it’s a small world” refurbishment and how horribly, earth-shatteringly devastating they will be to true Disneyland fans. A few of the items that fans are most riot-inspiringly mad about:

  1. Replacement of the original Mary “no relation to the former prime minister of England” Blair’s designs with “something more Pixarish.”
  2. Replacement of many children with Disney characters (because Disney is finding it very expensive to maintain its trademark of the images of all the children of the world)
  3. Destruction of the New Guinea rain forest scene, apparently to make room for a cattle-grazing scene.
  4. Insertion of a scene heavy-handedly celebrating American imperialism and capitalism (including, as a nod to what has been lost, a female character carrying an alligator-skin purse that looks disturbingly similar to the alligator that used to be in the rain forest).
  5. Reworking of a number of figure so that they are more topical (a tech support child in India, a starving child making Wal-Mart clothes in China, iPods on all the American kids, Mexican children trying to run across the border between scenes, etc.)
  6. A new soundtrack performed by the cast of High School Musical.
  7. Draining and replacing of all the water to get rid of any of that dirty old “water from the four corners of the earth” left over from Walt’s time.

Fanatical Imagineering believes that a protest is in order. They suggest that any true Disney fans who don’t want to see this beloved attraction horribly mutilated should get their own children (under age eight) together, box them up, and overnight-mail them to Imagineering headquarters in Burbank. “Maybe if Imagineering management remembers what it’s like to have a bunch of wonderful children around,” the site’s Webmaster supposedly said, “they’ll have a change of heart. If nothing else, it’ll get the kids out of the house for a couple of days.”

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