Fastpass Fakes

Apparently, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are having quite a bit of trouble with counterfeit FASTPASSes. A number of new procedures are now in effect to stem the use of these harmful fakes (such as testing individual FASTPASSes with ultraviolet light to make sure that they are authentic and violently ejecting counterfeiters from the park onto a nearby highway), but just to be safe you should know how to tell a real FASTPASS from a fake one.For example, your FASTPASS may be a fake if:

  • You bought it from a sleazy looking guy in a trench coat instead of obtaining it from a FASTPASS machine.
  • The bar code spells “gotcha” in binary
  • The attraction it’s for closed in the ’90s
  • It’s printed on recycled Go Network promotional material
  • The type looks hand drawn
  • It says Knotts Berry Farm at the top

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