Disney’s Fairies Pixie Hollow

Very soon, young Disney fans will be able to visit Disney’s latest online world, Disney’s Fairies Pixie Hollow (DFPH). DFPH joins Disney’s growing family of online worlds, which to date includes Virtually Magic Kingdom and Penguin Clubbing. DFPH will be very different than its predecessors, though, in that it will combine both familiar and new characters with World of Warcraft-style combat and character levels.

“You’ve never seen online combat until you’ve seen Pixie vs. Fairy combat,” says Tink Slaughter, a fictional Disney Online spokesperson. “There will be massive battles involving hundreds of the wee folk slinging blinding pixie dust, dive bombing in trails of sparkles, and folding their arms and pouting when enemies just won’t die as fast as they might like.”

Sounds great — sign us up!

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