Feature #50

Disney’s 50th animated feature has been approved and is moving into production. All Together Now is going to be a musical tour-de-force, starring characters from all preceding Disney animated features. The film will be a combination of 2D and 3D animation, much to the delight of fans of both mediums.

“We are very pleased to have put together a plan that will allow Disney to return to traditional animation, at least in part, in time for its fiftieth feature,” said Pete Schill, supposedly a Disney animation lead. “To keep costs under control, All Together will be composed entirely of animation recycled from other films, but with all new dialogue by current hot Disney stars. It’ll be like a wonderful collage — funny, delightful, nostalgic, and most importantly, cheap.”

We at DisneyLies can’t wait! See you at the movies in 2011!

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