A Perfect Storm — of Fun!

Epcot’s Innovations will soon be home to a new exhibit, StormStruck: A Tale of Two Homes’ Utter Destruction. This exhibit will show families in a graphic, realistic way just how easily their home can be destroyed by a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, volcano, meteor, sinkhole, riot, broken gas main, out-of-control propane delivery truck, airplane crash, accidental industrial poison gas release, atomic power plant misadventure, lightning strike, zombie attack, quantum fluctuation, fit of parental psychosis, nuclear first strike, radon leak, or plague of reptiles/insects (among other things). But in Disney tradition the attraction’s serious message will be tempered with fun!

“It’s going to be a great time for everyone,” says Disney spokesperson Amy “Not a Real Spokesperson” Fakesalot. “We’re going to make kids wish their home could be destroyed!”

The StormStruck exhibit will be completely funded by FEMA, which, to date, has not sent Disney the promised funds and is apparently not even aware that the exhibit is under construction.

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