Writers’ Strike is Over!

It appears that the Hollywood writers’ strike is over — thanks, in part, to occasional quips to the media from former Disney head muckmaker Michael Eisner (or so says his publicist).

This will mean that many Disney Channel and ABC television shows can go back into production as soon as currently destitute production staff can be gathered, with hopes that many shows can be put “in the can” before the actors’ strike anticipated for later this year (to be followed by director, producer, key grip, best boy, animated character, foley, and craft services strikes, in that order, at five or six month intervals).

“The first order of business,” says alleged Disney spokesperson Sylvia Liesalot, “will be to get back to work on dozens and dozens of High School Musical sequels, remakes, and spin offs. There’s even going to be a retro reworking of the whole original HSM starring the original Mousketeers, or at least the surviving ones. And we’re going to try and work musical teenagers into other shows, like Lost and especially Desperate Housewives. After the strike, the writers must have piles of pent-up creativity, and we’re going to use as much of it as we can before they realize what a farce their new contract really is. Ha — just kidding on that one!”

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