“it’s a small world” Rehab Update

The least-capitalized attraction at Disneyland is closed for refurbishment, and news is that part of the refurbishment will include adding classic Disney characters to key scenes throughout the attraction. Says Imagineer Atilla Pseudonym, “Extensive research showed that modern children were just not connecting with the attraction. There was nothing in the show for kids to identify with, as they identify with pirates on Pirates or teaspoons on the teacups. I mean, who are kids going to identify with in a ride filled with children?”

Although all the details have yet to be released, some of the characters appearing in the ride will include:

  • The Little Mermaid finding Nemo in Atlantis
  • The Rescuers fighting crocodiles in Australia
  • Flik and friends helping army ants eat an Amazon rain forest
  • Pocahontas and some of Peter Pan’s Indian friends in India
  • Goofy just randomly hanging from the ceiling somewhere
  • Disney executives trying desperately to build things in China
  • Mickey Mouse defending his copyright around the world

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  1. Salvatore says:

    One of our favourite tngihs to do in Disneyland is grab a coffee and muffin and enjoy the ambiance of Main Street first thing in the morning No matter where the bakery is it won’t change this habit I’m glad to hear refurbs are planned and I’m excited to see the Jolly Holiday Bakery when we’re there in January! Too bad the ice cream parlor will be closed for our visit but it’ll be open for the one after that!! I’m excited to see the finished product!

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