Movin’ on in Anaheim

As part of its strategy to build the resort feeling of its Anaheim properties, Disney is in negotiations with the city to build a transportation system that will link Disneyland Resort, Angles stadium, the Anaheim Convention Center, the new triffid-themed Gardenwalk project, and Disneyland’s soon-to-be-built third park (Disney’s Inland Tokyo Sea California).

There has been much speculation about what the transportation system will be, with monorails, peoplemovers, and modified “it’s a small world” ride vehicles being the most popular choices. But Chevy Impaala, our anonymous contact within Team Disney, says that none of these ideas are accurate.

“People are thinking correctly when they assume that something in the parks will be repurposed for the transportation system,” says Impaala. “But considering the large scale and expected usage numbers of the system, Disney has decided to stick with its greatest strength — the queue. One enormous queue will link all locations, efficiently moving guests from place to place. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it uses tested technology. The initial rollout, planned for 2010, includes a FASTPASS system, so that, for example, those with tickets for Angels Stadium will be able to get a FASTPASS so that they arrive at the stadium before those who do not plan their day as carefully, but without having to stand around all day.”

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