Annie Leibovitz Again

Once again, Annie Leibovitz had photographically recreated three scenes from classic Disney animation using famous people as models. This set includes scenes from Aladdin (with Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell and as Jasmine, David Bowie as Aladdin, and Shaquille O’Neal as Genie), Peter Pan (with the late Dave Thomas as Wendy, Elton John as Tinkerbell, and Michael Jackson as Peter), and Pocahontas (with Pokémon in the title role).

This set of photos is being released much earlier than originally anticipated, largely because of growing controversy over Leibovitz photographic technique. Apparently, rumors are circulating that Photoshop or some kind of darkroom techniques are being used, and that they are not exactly as they appear in life (as Leibovitz swears on her mother-in-law’s life and a stack of what are apparently Bibles they are)

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