Wendy Predicts Oscar Gold for Mickey

In honor of the announcement of Academy Award nomination, Wendy the Disney Psychic has hauled out her Ouija board to give us the lowdown on which Disney features will be “taking home the gold” (in the form of a little bald guy with no pants).

  • Best makeup: High School Musical 2 (despite appearances, no actor is younger than 37)
  • Best special effects: Meet the Robinsons (filmed entirely with blue screen)
  • Best animated short: WALL-E trailer (much better than Shrek 3)
  • Best documentary: National Treasure: Book of Secrets (a fascinating insight into American history)
  • Best actor: Game Plan — Dwayne Johnson (truly a brilliant thespian!)
  • Best animal performance: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End — Wilbur the octopus for Davy Jones face (uncontested!)

Congratulations, Disney!

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