Wendy the Disney Psychic

Since 1966, Wendy the Disney Psychic has been probing the boundless realm of the supernatural and retrieving news of Disney-related events before they take place. Fans who have been following her career will remember such amazing predictions as:

  • Disney’s California Adventure will continue to be unsuccessful unless significant improvements are made.
  • Roy Disney will eventually settle his differences with the Walt Disney Company.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean II will be successful.
  • Financial analysts will have inflated expectations for the next Pixar film.

DisneyLies.com is proud to announce that we have entered into an exclusive contract with Wendy. We will be featuring her predictions on this blog as they become available, and will make a big deal whenever one of them comes true.

One Response to “Wendy the Disney Psychic”

  1. Ghost? says:

    It isn’t a ghost, it’s photoshopped one of the Haunted Mansin brides x)