Submarine Dinosaurs

Last week, we posted a controversial report in which it was implied that dinosaurs could be seen in Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction, thanks to a possible tear in the space/time continuum. It turns out that we were a little more incorrect than usual in this report.

The Finding Nemo attraction includes views of many sunken lost civilizations and relics of past times. Due to the attraction’s high speed, it is easy for guests to misidentify objects passing by, and it appears that the identification of dinosaurs was this kind of misidentification. For example, take a look at this attraction panorama (click for a larger view):

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage dinosaurs (detail)

What some may identify as an ichthyosaur or other sea-going prehistoric beast is, on film, clearly nothing more than a common skin diver.

Sorry about that!

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