First Complaints about Bolt

A few weeks ago, the first single frame of animation from the new Disney film Bolt was released, and reaction by die-hard online Disney animation fans has been — to put it mildly — extreme. “It’s a bunch of crud,” said LuvDaMOUSE on the discussion board after his grammar, spelling, and punctuation were cleaned up. “I can’t believe that we’ve waited so long for this. It’s not animation, it’s crudimation. You can tell that the whole story is going to stink to high heaven from soup to nuts after seeing just one forest for this tree.”

DisFanbaoy4FR on the discussion board added, “There are no evil cats with eye patches anywhere in that frame. This bites like a stinking pile. I don’t even have my masters in art yet and I could do better than this. I don’t care when it comes out, I’m not even going to ask my mom to take me.”

Frame from Disney’s animated feature Bolt
Bolt — the story of a dog who thinks he has super powers but finds out he is wrong and gets over his depression about not being able to fly like Underdog with the help of his cowboy friend Woodie the Hamster — will be released in November. Based on their comprehensive reaction to what little information is available about the film, bitter fans are already lining up at theaters in great numbers to not buy opening-day tickets.

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  1. W. Elias. D. says:

    Can I just say how much I love the ‘Disney Lies’ blog? Thanks for all the laughs- this is one of my recent favorites. The references to Disney fan sites, all the posts that seem almost-real… it takes a special love of all things to write and appreciate these. Thanks!

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