Disney Messes Up Home Theaters

There have been a number of complaints related to Disney’s new documentary, “How to Hook Up Your Home Theatre.” A number of people who have seen this training video have written to us saying that the instructions were incorrect, incomplete, or (in a few cases) just plain dangerous.

Said one guest (Edward Poochface, who prefers to remain anonymous), “Disney needs to stay out of the business of creating home improvement videos if this is how they are going to go about it. People were actually laughing, the whole thing was so ridiculous! And what’s with the guy they got to demonstrate the thing? Is he supposed to be dressed up like a dog or is he just ugly or something?”

It is hoped that this video will not lead to a rash of lawsuits, as was the case with Disney’s 1960 offering, “How To Tell If Your Neighbor is a Communist.”

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