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Top Ten New Disneyland Resort Christmas Decorations

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

In the spirit of the season, here is a list of Disneyland Resort’s top ten newest Christmas decorations (in no particular order).

  1. Snow-covered toons
  2. Ice skating on the Rivers of America (with daily Zamboni parade)
  3. Extra bitter Scrooge McDuck
  4. Festive back-stage graffiti
  5. At Disney’s California Adventure, a slight dip in temperature
  6. Pocahontas’ festive leg warmers
  7. Frozen swans in castle moat
  8. Pinocchio’s Village Gingerbread Haus restaurant
  9. Seven Dwarfs replaced by Eight Reindeer
  10. Santa’s Workshop on Tom Sawyer Island

Disney Copyright Infringement Crackdown!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

In an open letter to musicians and fans alike, Disney said that it will no longer tolerate the illegal use of its musical intellectual property. No illegal CDs. No unauthorized remakes. No “fannish” musical productions. “Any violations will be met with immediate, intense, delightfully magical legal force,” said corporate counsel Gareth Bloodslobber.

Taking the whole action a step further, Disney will be prosecuting those who make music that steals even minor parts of Disney-copyrighted music. Says Bloodslobber,” We served papers on the band Joy Division this morning. There is a beat running through their song ‘Disorder’ that is definitely reminiscent to the beat of the chorus of the Tiki Room song. Some Internet moron said the whole thing was just a coincidence, but there’s no way. ‘My Country, ‘Tis of Thee’ sounding kind of like ‘God Save the King’ is a coincidence. But this? This is wholesale intellectual theft. We want assets seized. We want jail time.”

Said a representative for Edison Square, a well known Disney fan band, “We are so screwed.”

Conrad Once Again

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

It has been announced that the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie will officially be titled, Jungle Cruise: Heart of Darkness, making its title a combination of references to literature by two separate authors — Joseph Conrad and Upton Sinclair.

Conrad fans know that his work has long been a source of inspiration for Disney. For example:

  • The Rescuers was inspired by Conrad’s The Rescue.
  • Conrad’s Typhoon is the namesake for Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon.
  • Treasure Planet’s Jim Hawkins was named for the title character in Lord Jim.

Non-Disney sources also often refer to Conrad — the space ship in Alien was named Nostromo after Conrad’s sci-fi novel of the same name, for example, and his The Secret Agent served as the template for James Bond.

But despite the fine pedigree of the Jungle Cruise film’s main inspiration, some Disney fans are apparently worried about another feature based on a Disneyland attraction when two of the company’s three previous efforts (Haunted Mansion: Northanger Abbey, and Tiki Room: A Room of One’s Own) were dismal failures, with only Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasure Island turning a serious profit. When asked his opinion of the Jungle Cruise: Heart of Darkness concept, long-time Disney commentator James Hillock pretended to die and said, “The horror! The horror!” Not a good sign.

Hidden Disneyland Camera!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

A DisneyLies reader from Temple City, CA, writes: “Hello! I have a picture of some baby opossums hanging upside down in the splash mountain ride and there apears to be a hidden camera in one of the opossum’s head!”

The reader sent us a photo, and it’s pretty clear that one of the park’s many high-tech security devices has been uncovered! This is not as exciting as the recent reports of camera-toting robotic “dragonflies” along the Rivers of America, but it’s pretty amazing!

Possum Cam Possum Cam detail

(Click on a photo to see the same photo, but bigger.)

Have you found a secret hidden camera in a Disney park? Have you found anything else interesting that “they” don’t want us to know about but can be captured with a camera? Send it in!