Disney Copyright Infringement Crackdown!

In an open letter to musicians and fans alike, Disney said that it will no longer tolerate the illegal use of its musical intellectual property. No illegal CDs. No unauthorized remakes. No “fannish” musical productions. “Any violations will be met with immediate, intense, delightfully magical legal force,” said corporate counsel Gareth Bloodslobber.

Taking the whole action a step further, Disney will be prosecuting those who make music that steals even minor parts of Disney-copyrighted music. Says Bloodslobber,” We served papers on the band Joy Division this morning. There is a beat running through their song ‘Disorder’ that is definitely reminiscent to the beat of the chorus of the Tiki Room song. Some Internet moron said the whole thing was just a coincidence, but there’s no way. ‘My Country, ‘Tis of Thee’ sounding kind of like ‘God Save the King’ is a coincidence. But this? This is wholesale intellectual theft. We want assets seized. We want jail time.”

Said a representative for Edison Square, a well known Disney fan band, “We are so screwed.”

One Response to “Disney Copyright Infringement Crackdown!”

  1. Just where do these crazy folks get this stuff?