The Return of Tim Burton

Tim Burton fans will be thrilled to hear the famed director and hair stylist is returning to Disney to work on a trio of new animated features.

The first will be a remake of Disney’s classic Alice in Wonderland, reinvisioned so that it retains all of the biting nineteenth-century political satire of the original novels. As Burton has worked with Johnny Depp so many times in the past, the veteran actor will star as the title character.

Second on Burton’s Disney feature list is an expanded version of his frightening stop-motion short subject, Frankenweenie. For those of you who are not familiar with this brilliant piece of animation, it is the story of a young boy who, by calling upon certain forces that should have remained unknown to science, brings a frankfurter to life. Johnny Depp will voice the title character. Despite rumors to the contrary, there will be no cameo performance by Vincent Price, largely due to certain philosophical concerns.

The third in Burton’s trilogy of Disney epics will be a traditionally animated anthology feature in which Burton’s films are reimagined as Disney cartoons starring the “fab four” (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy) and an animated Johnny Depp. The lineup is currently listed as: “Planet of the Ducks,” “Toontown Attacks!,” “Pee-Wee Mickey’s Big Adventure,” and “Goofy Sciscorhands.”

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