Live Action from Pixar!

The rumors are true! Pixar, known for cutting-edge computer animation that shuns motion capture and other shortcuts in the same way that Windows Vista shuns reasonable pricing, now has a live-action film in pre-production! The film, Jimmy Carter, Warlord of Mars, will be a science-fiction romp through the adventures of a poor peanut farmer who is accidentally launched to Mars in his brother’s beer-powered rocket ship. He finds the red planet inhabited by bizarre creatures with more arms than are really necessary, but instead of fighting with them he puts their surplus appendages to work building homes for destitute Martians!

“This will be a feel-good movie for the whole family,” says some who isn’t John Lasseter but is using his name to sound like he knows what he is talking about. “And it will show the world that Pixar can kick serious backside, no matter what kind of film we’re doing. So there!”

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