Film References in “Enchanted”

Disney fans who have seen Enchanted may have noticed that the film is filled with sly references to previous Disney features. Here are ten of the most interesting (in no particular order):

  1. Giselle’s name is completely made from letters used in the names of other Disney princesses.
  2. The lips referenced in the song “True Love’s Kiss” are the same tulips seen in the animated short, “Flowers and Trees.”
  3. Morgan is the same height as Alice was in Walt Disney’s original Alice films (which were, in turn named for the title character in the film Alice in Wonderland).
  4. Prince Edward’s horse has the same name as the prince’s horse in Snow White (“Pestilence”).
  5. The scene in which Giselle invites rats to help her clean Robert’s apartment parallels a similar scene in Disney’s animated version of Willard.
  6. When Giselle cleans the floor amid floating soap bubbles, the floor is as clean as the floor in the Beauty and the Beast ballroom.
  7. During the singing of “That’s How You Know,” a child in the chorus has a “buzz” (as in Buzz Lightyear) haircut.
  8. When Queen Narissa turns into a dragon, she is simply a recolored version of Pete’s Dragon.
  9. The film’s narrator is Julie Andrews, one of the Andrews sisters, who once worked with Candice Bergen, daughter of Edgar Bergen, who appears briefly in Enchanted.
  10. When Giselle is sucked into our universe, the animation is similar to that used at the end of The Black Hole.

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