Save Maliboomer!

Plans for Disney’s California Adventure’s remake clearly show that Maliboomer is going to be replaced — probably with shade trees, benches, and an interactive fountain. The Save Maliboomer organization has arisen to protest the destruction of one of DCA’s most visible attractions.

“We don’t want Maliboomer to end up like Mr. Lincoln, mothballed, forgotten, and rented out to frat parties for petty change,” said Save Maliboomer founder, Larry “Boomer” Lawrence. “They can retheme the attraction if they like, by giving it a new soundtrack or adding cool stickers to the barf shields or something. But close it down? No way!”

Lawrence, whose organization’s members number in the low single digits (if you include his girlfriend), plans to have a Web page up as soon as he has a chance, what with him having been moved to the night shift at Costco and all. The site will have up-to-the-week information and an online petition that Lawrence is pretty sure will be legally binding on Disney.

4 Responses to “Save Maliboomer!”

  1. Josh says:

    Hello there. I noticed your little “save maliboomer” thing and i have this to say about it;
    The Maliboomer is a stock ride that Disney should never use.
    Also, the fact that it is visible is not very pleasing to Disney. Disney likes you to be in another world when you are in there park. They dont like the fact that you can see the Maliboomer from certain spots in
    Disneyland. They dont even like that you can see it from the outside.

    That was a good idea about re-theming it!!
    Maybe they should build a tower around it, and make it haunted elevator perhaps? (if you are less intelligent, that statement was sarcastic)

    But seriously, making a website to save the Maliboomer is a waist of Time, because around winter 2011, it WILL be dismantled.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Drew says:

    Well some people like the Maliboomer. It’s thrilling to those who come to Disneyland and find that there are hardly any thrill rides to go on. But I have to agree they should re-theme it if they do anything, I’d hate to see it go down for good.

    To the person who wrote this article, Lincoln is not forgotten, it’s a very high-tech and entertaining attraction. And how could you say that Disney lies when everything in this $1.1 BILLION expansion is coming true so far? Disney is as loyal as they come.

  3. Jose says:

    To the person who wrote this article, I agree that Disney should keep the Maliboomer but f**k you for saying Disney lies!

  4. Liar says:

    Who says Disney lies? Not me!