10 Thanksgiving Thanks

In the spirit of the season, 10 things Disneyland fans can be thankful for this year (in no particular order):

1. Bigger crowds mean more chances to mingle.

2. The submarines returned (but this time it’s little Nemo who gets attacked by the giant squid).

3. “it’s a small world” is going to be made safe for the big world.

4. Wayward cast members are showing up on YouTube faster than ever.

5. They finally brought pirates back to Tom Sawyer Island.

6. That kid who was lost in the secret underground tunnel complex was found safe and sound, if a little thin and hungry.

7. Churro fights are now illegal in Anaheim.

8. They solved that whole problem with cast members wanting to be able to buy a house near where they work.

9. Disney’s California Adventure finally got the rest of the budget it was supposed to have back when it was under construction.

10. That thing on Donald’s beak turned out to just be a cold sore.

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