Kevin Yee’s New Book

Kevin Yee at has a new book available: Mouse Trap. Although the title might make you think this is just a takeoff on The Parent Trap (but with mice), the book is really much more than that. It is, in fact, a complete account of the years Yee spent working at Disneyland, recorded in excruciating detail in 15-minute increments. Every moment — from his arrival in the parking lot in the morning to clocking out at night — is completely described, starting with his first day of employment, and ending on the day he was let go for spending so much time writing in his diary at work.

Because the book’s cover is not yet ready, Yee is offering a special pre-publication deal. Order the book now and you will receive not only the book in a plain temporary cover, but also a special chapter in which appears all of the entries that have been removed from the final addition (most of which, unfortunately, involve using the restroom).

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