Where to Leave the Dead?

In a new article, fanatic Disney-fan Web site Mice Age chronicles Disneyland’s increasing problem of people bringing the remains of loved ones into the park for disposal. Even though most of the loved ones in question were cremated, human remains are a big custodial and ethical problem, and can lead to bad show, hauntings, or asthma attacks in guests who are allergic to other guest. The Mice Age article recommends that if you are going to throw the ashes of a former Disney fan one around, you should avoid high-profile attractions like the Haunted Mansion and pirates, and concentrate on lesser-known attractions like the Matterhorn or (for the remains of someone you want to suffer for eternity) “it’s a small world”. The article also suggests that it might be fun to do more than just dump out ashes beside a ride vehicle — for example, by tossing handfuls into the air while spinning on the teacups.

Update: On November 17, Disney officials officially responded to these reports, reporting, “It’s just not true that people throw dead bodies here and there all over Disneyland. It’s not true at all. You can’t prove it, and I can deny it with impunity. You also can’t prove that thing about churros being full of beef byproducts. It’s all a bunch of urban legends being spread by fanatics that run blogs with no accountability. I’ll bet you $1,000 you’ll never see me quoted, not even out of context, on a legitimate Disney blog.” So far, his money seems safe.

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