Pardon our Turkeys

Per tradition, President George “W.” Bush will pardon a pair of turkey this week, exempting them from execution for another year. (Readers outside the U.S. may not be aware that turkeys are killed and eaten only when they have been accused and convicted of crimes against humanity — that’s why only a Presidential pardon is necessary to spare one of the birds).

A couple of years ago, folks at Disneyland realized that it would be neat to invite the pardoned fowl to stay at the park, living out the balance of their lives in the same comfort extended to all cast members. The promotion was so successful that executives at Walt Disney World said that they would like the turkeys sent there in future years, but Disneyland put its foot down — the idea came from California, it would stay in California, and nobody was going to tell them otherwise, no matter how much bigger their resort was.

The turkeys will arrive in Walt Disney World later this week.

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