Hannah, Montana fan club suing

Fans of the small town of Hannah, Montana filed suit today, angry that membership in the Official Hannah, Montana, Fan Club has not helped them get bus tickets to the town of which they are so fond. Apparently, fans of chipmunk-cheeked singer/actress Miley Cyrus have been scooping up bus tickets as fast as they can be produced, and those that are not purchased by fans are being grabbed by scalpers who demand hundreds of times face value for the chance to take a greasy bus to a town few people even know exists. Nobody knows why this is happening.

“It’s one-a them thar Innernet fee-nomenas,” said whoever it was that answered the phone when we called. “Gol darned if I canna ‘splain it.”

The entire membership of the fan club (some 18 individuals, outnumbering the population of the town they love by some 25%) is part of this class-action suit. “We just want to be there for the canning festival,” said one. “Is that so much to ask?”

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