Magical ashes

Reader J.G. writes, “I think everyone should know that when people buy a brick in the plaza between DCA and DL, they can choose to have their ashes buried underneath it when they pass away.”

Unfortunately, J.G. has his facts slightly wrong. What guests can do is have a loved one’s ashes mixed with the cement used to create a commemorative brick. Disney doesn’t want to be in the business of prying up bricks and putting ashes under them every time a fanatical fan passes away — that’s just too labor intensive.

Disney is also unlikely to ever promise “post death” services again. They surely learned their lesson after the 2000-2001 “Cooler Heads” promotion in which annual passholders could purchase a slot in the cryogenic vault beneath Space Mountain for their head when the time comes. It was a paperwork disaster, and far too many guests showed up at the main gate with the upper part of a decapitated loved one in an ice chest, wanting to know where to put it.

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