Super Driver at InnoventionsInnoventions at Disneyland is going through a renaissance (or however you spell that) at the moment, adding sponsors like a hyperactive NASCAR driver. Quite a few new sponsors (including Microsoft, Peterson Military Robotics, and the Dreamworks Defamation League) are already active or waiting in the wings, and Siemens has become a significant presence.

The newest addition from Siemens is the Super Driver virtual driving simulator, which — with incredible realism — lets visitors experience what it would be like to chase world-destroying evil geniuses using a vehicle with all the latest technology (collision avoidance, autodrive, the ability to drive on the ceiling, and x-ray vision that looks suspiciously like infra-red vision).

It is hoped that future Siemens exhibits will have something to do with products actually produced by Siemens and available in the real world.

2 Responses to “Innoventions!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I heard that you are actually a big Disneymaniac and jerk off to Walt Disney’s picture every night. I also heard you are Eisner in disguise. Which is true??

  2. Tim says:

    Is that bad at all? I mean, I was using the little mermaid’s photo.