They did it! (Well, kinda)

Last week I reported that a group of annoyed Disney fanatics had threatened to steal Fort Wilderness in protest over changes to Tom Sawyer Island. Well, last Wednesday they attempted to make good their threat, and got away with a good portion of the fort before Disneyland security got wise.

"Cast members at the park entrance noticed an unusual number of guests leaving the park with over-sized backpacks that smelled like freshly-sawed wood," said Martin Pately, an anonymous security cast member. "Wood shavings were also being disposed of 'Great Escape' style by guests with bags of sawdust in their pants who would slowly release the detritus as they walked around the park."

Although the attempted theft was not a complete success (from the thieves' perspective), enough of the fort was removed that the rest of it will have to be demolished, costing Disney millions of dollars and leaving countless termites homeless.

One of the fort thieves wrote to DisneyLies over the weekend, saying, "I think we made our point well! Next on the agenda — if Epcot doesn't stop adding characters to what is supposed to be a science and knowledge-based theme park, we're going to steal the Sorcerer Mickey arm right off Spaceship Earth in 2008!"

Will they do it? Only time will tell!

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