Annual Passholders Prepare for Revenge!!!

It's been a while since our last post because, frankly, there hasn't been much news regarding Disney (something about a submarine, but that's about it).

However, today we heard what may be the biggest rumor ever in the history of Disneyland. It seems that some annual passholders are VERY upset about the "pirating up" of Tom Sawyer Island and intend to do something about it. They claim that, if Disney does not put the island back "the way Walt wanted it" immediately they will — and this is a direct quote — "steal the fort right off the island in broad daylight"!

Now, Disney has big plans for the fort in the coming year so they can't afford to lose the thing. I'm guessing that Disney security is going to be checking people's bags extra carefully over the next few days, looking for band saws and other such implements.

Will Disney cave? Will the "true fans" carry out their threat? Stay tuned for more as the situation develops!

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